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About the course 

Study Group

This professional learning research project will explore plurilingual pedagogy through crosslinguistic analysis and multilingual digital books. It is designed for teachers in mainstream classrooms with students who speak another language at home. It is suitable for teachers in lower or upper primary who are interested in ways to use home languages to enhance all students’ learning, but with a particular focus on students from a language background other than English.

Course overview


You will learn about plurilingual pedagogy, its relationship to multilingualism and its application. You will be supported in guiding students’ creation of texts in a home language (oral and written) with an English language translation. Ways to cater to the needs of monolingual (in English) students and low proficiency EAL students will be discussed.

Crosslinguistic language analysis 

You will learn about crosslinguistic language analysis and will apply this to your students’ work. The language analysis will take a systemic functional approach. Existing knowledge will be leveraged, but no knowledge of this approach is required. You will be supported in using crosslinguistic language analysis to improve your students’ understanding of English.

Creating digital bilingual books

You will learn how to create (oral and written) digital bilingual books. You will be offered context-sensitive support on the use of different apps and software. You will then be supported to guide students’ creation of these books using their own texts.

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