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Reading curriculum for immigrant children

An overview of the research project, TRANSLATE (Teaching Reading And New Strategic Language Approach To Emergent bilinguals).

Reading a Book

Teaching and Learning Cycle Project

These resources are examples of classroom-based curriculum grounded by the teaching and learning cycle. 


Systemic functional linguistics
and language teaching

McCabe, A. (2017).  Systemic  functional linguistics and language teaching. In T. Bartlett and G. O'Grady, (Eds.). The Routledge handbook of systemic functional linguistics. Taylor & Francis.


Teaching and Learning Cycle Project VicTESOL 2018

A short Youtube presentation by Jessie Sambell providing an overview of the Teaching and Learning Cycle Project VicTESOL 2018


Translate: New Strategic Approaches for English Learners

Goodwin, A. P., & Jiménez, R. (2016). TRANSLATE: New strategic approaches for English learners. The Reading Teacher, 69(6), 621-625.


Fictional narratives

Brisk, M. E. (2014). Fictional narratives. In M.E. Brisk, Engaging students in academic literacies: Genre-based pedagogy for K-5 classrooms. Routledge.


Grammar in the early years: A games-based approach

Cochrane, I., Reece, A., Ahearn, K., & Jones, P. (2013). Grammar in the early years: A games-based approach. PETAA 199.

Writing in a Notebook

Silly Clause Race

Students roll the dice and take cards to form complete clauses. 

Kids in Preschool

Come in spinner!

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