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Research project 

A Boy and His Tablet Device

This research aims to build capacity for plurilingual pedagogy in schools. The professional experience you bring from different teaching and learning contexts will be invaluable in making this initiative a success.


The research project focuses on teaching and learning relevant to the professional learning course.

What the research involves for you*:

  • A 10-15-minute questionnaire about your school and classroom context, and also your linguistic background

  • 2 classroom observations (video-recorded)

  • Participation in the professional learning course (see course overview)

  • Trialling the ideas from the course in class

  • Group reflection during the course (audio-recorded)

  • 30-minute individual interview (audio-recorded)


What the research involves for your students**:

  • 2 classroom observations

  • Photos of work samples

  • Talking about their bilingual books (part of the professional learning course)

* If anything that identifies you or that you create is to be put in the public domain, we would seek extra consent for this (ie showcasing your classroom, any teaching/learning resources you develop etc).


** Only consenting students will be observed/included in the study. We would also seek extra consent from students for anything that identifies them or that they create (ie showcasing them talking about their bilingual books or any of their work).

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