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Why creating a school-based language policy makes sense for Australian schools

A holistic and explicit whole-school focus on both home and formally-taught languages can improve learning outcomes for all students, no matter their linguistic profile.

Girls in School Uniform

Using multilingual

British Council resource to work through the module at your own pace.  Includes the self-assessment activity to help you to decide which elements of practice you want to improve.

Colors in English

The benefits of bilingual education in Australian schools

The benefits of learning another language are well-established, but in Australia it can be very difficult for monolingual English speakers to become fluent in another language. Bilingual education aims to overcome this.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Digital stories could hold the key to multilingual literacy for African children

Learning to read in your first language is a firm step on the path to multilingualism. 


Strategies for writing success

The resource shows teachers how to develop their students as effective writers of a range of texts for a range of different purposes.

Two Pens on Notebook

Writing narrative

A short article on writing narratives with examples and some strategies for scaffolding writing

Writing in a Notebook
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