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Creative activities for Language Learners at home

A webinar sharing a toolkit full of activities developed collaboratively by artists, teachers, and researchers.

Children coloring

Multilingual approaches to teaching and learning

A teacher in a remote Indigenous community integrates the use of Gija, the local Aboriginal language and  Standard Australian English in her teaching.


Supporting bilingualism, multilingualism and language learning (early years) 

A series of short videoclips for supporting bi/multi-linguialism and language learning in the early years including translanguaging pedagogies.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Bilingual activities, projects and lesson plans

ReadWriteThink initiative offers a range of practices in reading and language arts instruction and free materials.

School Supply

 The iPad takes digital storytelling to a new level by making the process easier, and even more engaging for students . This resources features a collection of apps for storytelling. 


Story books in Aboriginal English

Working together using a two way approach to teaching, an experienced writer, Aboriginal students, communities and local Aboriginal organisations have developed culturally and contextually appropriate story books in Aboriginal English.

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